A Greener Vacation at Creekside Organic Spa and Resort



Creekside Resort has been committed to good environmental stewardship since its beginning.  Organic gardening practices, composting and recycling have been and continue to be an integral part of our operations.  We give our guests the opportunity to help in these efforts by providing recycling and composting containers in our cottages and by giving the opportunity to conserve water through laundering choices.  Our lodgings have been designed to cool efficiently with tree shade and fans to bring in the cool evening mountain air.  


Our kitchen features the best from our gardens and orchard, and wholesomely raised local vegetables, eggs and meat, whenever possible.   We are committed to using as many locally made and grown products as we are able to support local farmers and sustainable agriculture.  From the locally made goat’s milk soap in your bathroom, to the salad on your dinner table, we think you will be pleased with the choices you find at Creekside.




196 Creekside Drive
Greenville, West Virginia 24945
304-832-6433304-832-6433· info@creeksideresort.net