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Hiking at Creekside

What better way to enjoy the beauties of nature than to get outside and take a walk.  —If you are fortunate enough to be in a place of relatively unspoiled natural beauty.  At Creekside we ARE so fortunate— and to enable our guests to have this experience we maintain three walking/hiking trails that wind through [...]


Our guests write the nicest things in the guest books that we leave in the rooms and cottages!  The following poem was left in the guest book in Cozy Cottage this November….  Thanks, Carling!   Creekside   This morning hangs, draped Over trees and tall grass. A thick misty fabric bends Branches and blades. No [...]

Tony Shalhoub comments on Creekside Resort and Spa

  Praise for Creekside Resort and Spa These comments from our guest book are too sweet to keep to ourselves.  We hope you will also enjoy them. (Love that alliteration in the opening lines!) This is our 5th visit to the marvelous, magical, mellow, mouth-watering, mind-massaging, mirage-like oasis called Creekside…  It is, we believe, the [...]

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