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A Beautiful Reception Welcome

Some of the best creative wedding ideas are those that solve a practical need in an unusual and beautiful way.  One recent Creekside wedding couple, Lindsay Nakaishi and Alex Rowe, found a lovely way to welcome their guests to their reception and help them find their seats.  Lindsay spent months collecting antique postcards, rummaging through antique shops until she found a card for each guest from that guest’s home city, state and country.  Because their guests came from a wide variety of places—locations ranged from Colorado and Minnesota to Japan and various sites in West Virginia—this made for a very interesting assortment of cards.  The age of the cards also added an interesting note, blending well with old photos of family weddings displayed in the reception area.  The visually beautiful antique cards were hung on a rope with clothespins outside the reception area.  Each card was accompanied by a handwritten letter from either the Lindsay or Alex thanking each guest personally for being at their wedding and for their presence in their lives. The outside of the letters indicated the table where each guest would be seated for dinner.  Guests read the notes while they waited for the bride and groom to arrive. Considering that there were about a hundred guests, this was a lot of individual letters and certainly took some time and thought on the part of the wedding couple—but since many of these guest traveled a very long distance to come to the wedding, it made for a very thoughtful and personal way for the bride and groom to express their appreciation to their guests.  There were more than a few smiles, laughs and tears as these letters were read.  What a lovely way to begin a reception!

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