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Ashley and Jeremy: May 29, 2010

You might think that planning your wedding while finishing medical school, flying around the country interviewing for internships, buying a new house and moving all within six months would be a recipe for a nervous breakdown, but Ashley Rawson not only managed to do it, she was a relaxed and gracious bride throughout.  Ashley and her mother and sister decided they could use a quiet day to relax before the wedding, so they wisely came to the resort a day early to enjoy massages and facials at the spa and a special dinner together.  As the rest of the family began to arrive for the weekend the family’s enthusiasm for being together was evident.  Ashley’s family was especially grateful that her grandfather, who had been in the hospital for the past year, was able to travel to the wedding.  Even a violent thunderstorm right before the rehearsal dinner that caused a temporary power outage did not dampen the spirits of the group a bit.   They didn’t miss a beat in their celebrating as the staff lit more candles and finished cooking the rehearsal dinner on the grill.  The clouds blew away and a beautiful moon came out to light their evening bonfire time.  The bride and groom with their families and friends enjoyed singing and talking with each other by the warm flames of the bonfire and twinkling lights of the fireflies, until the moon set, the night sky darkened and the morning mists began to rise.

The wedding day was a beautiful one with a blue sky and plenty of sunshine.  Ashley and Jeremy seemed to never stop smiling.  The wedding ceremony on the island was lovely and simple with the cherry arch and walk bridge decorated with flowers and the bride carrying an attractive bouquet of simple blue hydrangeas.   As their guests enjoyed appetizers and drinks on the lower decks of the Mountain Lodge, Ashley and Jeremy had a few quiet moments together on the wedding island.   After the bride and groom arrived at the reception, their guests were seated for dinner, the wedding party was announced and then dinner followed with toasts, laughter and dancing well into the night.

The bride and groom had planned to stay a day after their wedding.  Several family members were having so much fun they decided to stay longer too.  Sunday afternoon the bride and groom and remaining family members relaxed by the pool, took walks and savored their time together.   This family definitely knew how to celebrate and enjoy a good time together.  May Ashley and Jeremy continue to do so for many years!

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