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Gardening with Deer continued….

Deer in the Creekside Orchard...

Making our gardens less tempting to deer continues to influence our plantings at Creekside.  This year we will be replacing some of our evergreens that were subject to serious deer munching over the winter.  Fortunately boxwood does well here and most pieris and mahonia seem to be uninteresting to deer, as well as juniper and cotoneaster.  Our sedum borders will be replaced with lavender and even more catmint and salvias will be added to shield the daylilies at the back of the perennial border.  A wide swath of fragrant plants that deer don’t like will often act as a deterrent to keep them from checking out what lies beyond.

Fortunately deer do not like most culinary herbs; I have never seen them eat basil or rosemary or thyme.  But they will eat parsley if we don’t cover it with a net.  Nasturtiums had seemed like a good bet—and they don’t seem to be a deer favorite— but the end of last summer proved deer would eat them, too.  The calendula, however, they did not eat.

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