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Hiking at Creekside

What better way to enjoy the beauties of nature than to get outside and take a walk.  —If you are fortunate enough to be in a place of relatively unspoiled natural beauty.  At Creekside we ARE so fortunate— and to enable our guests to have this experience we maintain three walking/hiking trails that wind through our two hundred acre property.  The trails are planned to give a variety of options and experiences.

The Indian Creek Trail is an easy stroll along the creek over a mowed grassy path.  It is relatively level ground and gives the walker a chance to enjoy the sound and site of the water and probably see of a variety of birds— possibly even some water mammals like mink or muskrats which are not infrequently seen along the banks and in the water.

The Woodland Wildlife Trail  winds up the mountain behind the Mountain Lodge and gives the hiker a chance to try some stretches of a little bit steeper grade.  Don’t worry, however, if you feel winded there is always a bench not too far away!  True to its name, this shady walk through the woods often gives the opportunity to view white-tailed deer, squirrels and a great variety of birds.  That is if you are not hiking with your favorite canine friend!  However, dogs coming along, while they might keep you from seeing some of the other wildlife, will be a source of entertainment as they are thrilled with all the new things to see and smell!  This hike is just about a mile and can be done by most people in about 30-45 minutes.

The High Meadow Trail is our most challenging hike, but your effort will be rewarded with beautiful views at the top!  The trail starts at the same place as the Woodland Wildlife Trail, but then forks off to go through a section of woods.  After descending and crossing a stream, the trail climbs again to finally emerge in high meadows with lovely long-ranging views.  A path is mowed through the meadows for easier walking, but the uncut sections are full of wild flowers and butterflies.  We have plenty of milkweed in our meadows and t there is never a shortage of beautiful Monarch butterflies in the middle of the summer.

If you hike all the trails at Creekside, don’t worry!  Our area has even more for you to explore.  But be sure to explore ours first!  They are not only very beautiful, but you are likely to have them nearly or completely to yourself!  Anyone who likes to hike will know how rare this is getting to be!  So come and soak in the silence and the bird song.  Inspiration and poetry are around every bend and behind every tree.

Below are a few pictures from our trails, but to see a fuller picture of the experience you will want to view our video tour at this link.  The videos start on the Woodland Trail and so some of them wind by the cottages first.  That also gives you a chance to see some of the lodging part of our grounds.

Creekside Resort and Spa hiking trails

Creekside’s High Meadow Trail on a misty morning.

Walking trails in West Virginia at Creekside Resort

Along the Indian Creek trail in May



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