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Water fun at and near Creekside

As the days get warmer the coolness of water becomes a great attraction.  We have many lovely bodies of water in our area and we are grateful that our streams, rivers and lakes remain clean and were completely unaffected by the spill in the Charleston area.   How many ways can you have fun in the water at and near Creekside?  Oh—there are lots of them!  You can take a walk by or in Indian Creek—the lovely meandering stream that flows through our valley.  Just being near the water has a soothing and cooling effect.  The sounds, the cool breezes and the smells of the creek are all part of the experience.  Kids and adults love to skip rocks on the creek (finding the just-right smooth, flat rock being half the fun)  as well as looking at minnows swimming in the shallows and crawdads dodging under rocks.  Catch and release fishing in the creek, or in the Creekside pond is also an option for guests who enjoy the quiet and contemplative sport of angling.  The creek has large and small mouth bass and trout while the pond offers the chance to bring in a  catfish, bass or blue gill.

For those interested in floating and boating Greenbrier River and the New River are nearby.  Rafting, tubing canoeing and kayaking are great fun on both these rivers.  You can bring your own equipment or rent it at outfitting businesses nearby.  If a larger body of water is what you are wanting  you can consider Bluestone Lake or Moncove Lake  both lovely places near us for boating and fishing.

Then there is always the option of a swim in the Creekside pool—especially refreshing on a hot summer afternoon after a hike—and don’t forget about a hot tub soak under our clear, starry skies—that is a real treat at the end of the day!

Creekside Pond at Creekside Resort and Spa in Greenville, West Virginia

The Creekside Pond

Indian Creek at Creekside Resort and Spa in Greenville, West Virginia

Indian Creek flowing through Creekside with Dame’s Rockets blooming


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