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Tony Shalhoub comments on Creekside Resort and Spa


Praise for Creekside Resort and Spa

These comments from our guest book are too sweet to keep to ourselves.  We hope you will also enjoy them. (Love that alliteration in the opening lines!)

This is our 5th visit to the marvelous, magical, mellow, mouth-watering, mind-massaging, mirage-like oasis called Creekside…  It is, we believe, the ‘BEST’ that beautiful W. Virginia has to offer.  The ambience, the setting, the hospitality are simply unparallelled.  The only negative is….departing.  We hope to return for a 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th & 10th visit!  —Tony Shalhoub & Family

By now when we come I feel like I’ve come home.  Really the place is so special, but the people are the attraction for me.  You have all made us feel welcome and like part of the Creekside family.  We hope you flourish and are here for a very long time so we can come back many more times.  Thanks you for everything.  —Brooke Adams





Tony Shalhoub comments on Creekside

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