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My Mother’s Table

This recollection of her mother’s table was written by my mother, Natalie Price Sandell, the founder of Creekside Resort, about her mother, Mildred Kelley Price, and her gift for making wonderful meals.  Mother’s Day seems like an appropriate time to share this tribute by my  mother to her mother.  —Kelley Sandell Sills Reed & Mildred Price on their weddin day

My mother, Mildred Price, was a fabulous cook.  From her simple 1940′s kitchen came a magic mix of home-raised vegetables, eggs, meat, real butter and creamy goat’s milk.  To supplement what my father raised on our five acres, small trucks came to our rural home each week and she added to her menu from the butcher and fish man.  A varied selection of organ meats brought either stuffed heart, creamed kidneys,  beef tongue with horseradish sauce, sweetbreads sauteed in butter or fish roe to our table each week.  I rarely left for school without a hot breakfast under my belt—welsh rarebit, creamed dried beef over toast, bacon and eggs or hot cereal with heavy cream kept my hunger away until lunch time.  In those bygone days most families dined together two or three times a day.  In our home a meal was definitely an occasion.  The table was set with china—and on Sundays with  silver, crystal and linens also, and all foods were in dishes or glasses—no person had better put a bottle or jar on the table!   My mother was a gracious hostess and loved to entertain company.  Those meals often ended with fruit over Spanish cream accompanied by either a fresh cocoanut or rich devils food cake and she presided over her silver tea set as my sisters and I served the guests.  Her cooking and dining presentation was so legendary among family and friends that at her funeral no one who spoke failed to mention Mildred’s table.

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