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A Home at Creekside

A special home at Creekside with its own organic orchard is waiting for just the right person!  If you have an idea who that person might be please be sure to pass along this information. Tower House, with its approximately eight acres of land, is located within the boundaries of Creekside Resort.  This unique, hand-built [...]

Spring Wildflowers at Creekside: Bloodroot (Sanguinaria canadensis)

There are many beautiful woodland wildflowers that bloom beside our woodland trails at Creekside in the spring.   Among these, one of the easiest to spot are the white, waxy blooms of the bloodroot flower.  Bloodroot (Sanguinaria canadensis) usually blooms in here in early to mid April.  Each stalk bears a single white flower with a [...]

Winter Flowers

Yesterday morning, February 16th, the first winter aconite showed their cheerful blooms along my front walk. Not only are they the earliest blooms in my garden, but they come up with their flowers already to open and such a bright sunshine yellow! Very welcome in February.

Organic Orcharding at Creekside Resort: Spraying and Thinning

Once fruit has set on the trees we spray with sulphur, a natural fungicide that helps prevent diseases, mixed with a fine powdered clay that is harmless but deters insects that bore into the trees and fruit.  The trees need to be sprayed weekly with these substances until harvest.  After petal fall the fruit on the trees [...]

Organic Orcharding at Creekside Resort

Every season has its tasks in the Creekside organic orchard.

Gardening with Deer continued….

Making our gardens less tempting to deer continues to influence our plantings at Creekside.

Gardening with Deer

Deerproof garden plants

Spring in the Garden

The first spring flowers in the garden are always most welcome. After a winter of sustained cold, snow and ice, we are all especially ready this year for warm weather and the sight of growing things. The spring blooming bulbs also seem to be over-ready for the first warm days. As soon as bitter cold [...]


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