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About Creekside Resort in West Virginia


Indian Creek winds through Creekside’s valley and, as the name attests, Native Americans made their homes and hunted along its banks for centuries before Jacob Mann arrived in 1770.  The log home that Jacob and his family built is no longer standing but the current farmhouse was built by Jacob’s great-grandson in the late 1800’s.   In the 19th century a settlement known as Hunter Springs developed along the creek and included a grist mill, blacksmith shop, and hotel where visitors came to drink the mineral spring water.   

Robert and Natalie Sandell came to Monroe County in 1972 looking for a quiet, rural community in which to live a simple country life.  This farm along Indian Creek was exactly what they had imagined as the kind of place they wished to raise their family and live a life close to the land.  They sold their large home in southern New Jersey, sold a thriving Chiropractic practice, and moved with their first four children to the Creekside valley.  They were one of the first of couples in a new suburban exodus to the country during the 1970s and their unconventional choice, with that of other contemporaries, was documented in periodicals including The Washington Post and National Geographic.  During the 1970s the Sandells were learning to homestead and be as self-sufficient as possible, raising their own organic fruits and vegetables, grains, eggs, and meats, and milking their own cow.  This was new to them but for the old barns, fields, and creek it was life as known for generations.

Sandell Family at Creekside

By the 1980s the Sandell family was complete with six children: Amanda, Kelley, Holly, Robert, Kerri and Natasha.  While organic food production for family use continued, efforts at self-sufficiency were redirected toward other interests.  Bob had begun his Chiropractic practice again; the children were going away to college; life was changing.  Natalie and Bob began to dream of sharing their beautiful valley with others in need of its peace, beauty and healing.  A new focus came with the opening of Creekside Chiropractic Clinic   and the beginnings of Creekside Resort.  In 1996 Bob died suddenly of a heart attack and it was difficult for Natalie to know if she could continue her dream of Creekside alone.  With the help of her children, sister, and childhood friend, Howard Heritage, who became her second husband, Natalie continued offering Creekside as a place for quiet relaxation.  Howard joined her as host at Creekside and planted an organic orchard in one of the higher meadows.

Now, after twenty years as Creekside Resort, the Sandell family is happy to still share with you the beauty and healing tranquility that are part of the Creekside valley.  Natalie enjoys meeting guests and working in the gardens.  Amanda is actively involved from her home in southern Germany thanks to electronic communications; Kelley acts as managing director of the resort and wedding planner; Kerri is facility manager and food services manager; Holly consults with us on our spa offerings; Robert, residing in New York, helps as financial advisor and Natasha is our bookkeeper.

Creekside continues to be a place where the basics of life are important.  We value our clean air and water, and the natural beauty and abundant wildlife of the area.  We strive to preserve this natural peace and facilitate harmony between man and nature.  We wish to offer our guests a place to enjoy this natural bounty, while carefully protecting it through our practices.

We invite you to come and experience for yourself the rejuvenation that can come from this harmonious natural environment.

Sandell family now

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